Trevor Israelsen | PhD Candidate

Organization theory | Entrepreneurship | Business history

I study how new, dynamic and temporary systems achieve a sense of permanence, continuity and stability.

Recent Publications

Suddaby, R., Israelsen, T., Mitchell, J.R., & Lim, D. (2021), Entrepreneurial visions as rhetorical history: A diegetic narrative model of stakeholder enrollment, Academy of Management Review.

Mitchell, J.R., Israelsen, T., Mitchell, R.K., & Lim, D. (2021). Stakeholder identification as entrepreneurial action: The social process of stakeholder enrollment in new venture emergence, Journal of Business Venturing, 36(6), 106146.

Suddaby, R., Israelsen, T., Bastien, F., Saylors, R., & Coraiola, D. (2022), Rhetorical History as Institutional Work. Journal of Management Studies

Israelsen, T. & Mitchell, R (2022). Insightful empirical knowledge in grounded theory and historical organization studies. Handbook of Historical Methods in Management. Sage.

Suddaby, R., Schultz, M. & Israelsen, T. (2020). Autobiographical memory and identities in organizations: The role of temporal fluidityIn Andrew Brown (Ed.) Oxford Handbook of Identities in Organizations. 373-390.

Mitchell, J.R., Israelsen, T. & Mitchell., R.K., (2020). Entrepreneurial cognition research—An update. In Michael Gielnick, Melissa Cardon, & Michael Frese (Eds.) SIOP Handbook on the Psychology of Entrepreneurship.

Suddaby, R., Jaskiewicz, P., Israelsen, T., & Chittoor, R. (2022). Traditional Authority in Social Context: Explaining the Relation between Types of Family and Types of Family-Controlled Business Groups. De Gruyter Handbook of Business Families.

Hua, W., Mitchell, R.K., Mitchell, B., Mitchell, J.R., & Israelsen, T., (2022). Momentum for Entrepreneurial Internationalization: Friction at the Interface between International and Domestic Institutions. Journal of Business Venturing.

Curriculum Vitae

Updated October 26, 2022