Trevor Israelsen | PhD Candidate

Organization theory | Entrepreneurship | Business history

I study how people come together to make things that last.

My research focuses on the historical processes through which organizations emerge, evolve and are institutionalized across generations in communities.

Recent Publications

Suddaby, R., Israelsen, T., Mitchell, J.R., & Lim, D. (2021), Entrepreneurial visions as rhetorical history: A diegetic narrative model of stakeholder enrollment, Academy of Management Review.

Mitchell, J.R., Israelsen, T., Mitchell, R.K., & Lim, D. (2021). Stakeholder identification as entrepreneurial action: The social process of stakeholder enrollment in new venture emergence, Journal of Business Venturing, 36(6), 106146.

Suddaby, R., Israelsen, T., Bastien, F., Saylors, R., & Coraiola, D. (2022), Rhetorical History as Institutional Work. Journal of Management Studies

Israelsen, T. & Mitchell, R (2022). Insightful empirical knowledge in grounded theory and historical organization studies. Handbook of Historical Methods in Management. Sage.

Suddaby, R., Schultz, M. & Israelsen, T. (2020). Autobiographical memory and identities in organizations: The role of temporal fluidityIn Andrew Brown (Ed.) Oxford Handbook of Identities in Organizations. 373-390.

Mitchell, J.R., Israelsen, T. & Mitchell., R.K., (2020). Entrepreneurial cognition research—An update. In Michael Gielnick, Melissa Cardon, & Michael Frese (Eds.) SIOP Handbook on the Psychology of Entrepreneurship.

Suddaby, R., Jaskiewicz, P., Israelsen, T., & Chittoor, R. (2022). Traditional Authority in Social Context: Explaining the Relation between Types of Family and Types of Family-Controlled Business Groups. De Gruyter Handbook of Business Families.

Hua, W., Mitchell, R.K., Mitchell, B., Mitchell, J.R., & Israelsen, T., (2022). Momentum for Entrepreneurial Internationalization: Friction at the Interface between International and Domestic Institutions. Journal of Business Venturing.

Curriculum Vitae

Updated October 26, 2022